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Woof! Nice to meet you. I was hoping you'd sidle on over. I'll have a bottle of Bud Light, thanks for asking. I'll get the next round. By the way, my name's Gary.

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Get yourself a copy of one of these books!
The Bear Handbook
by Ray Kampf
The Bear Book II
by Les Wright

Like I would be, you're probably here looking for pics: Photos - I'll take any requests, too....
Me Nekkid! - Now online! Some pics from my American Bear magazine photoshoot

Check out my: SHOP - selling some favorites via Amazon.com while supporting The Stop Aids Project.

For the next round, you might want to read about: my tattoo - gotten during my 1999 London trip
nipple piercing - details
more about me - for those insomniacs out there...

Some of my favorite bear haunts:
link to larger pic of magazine cover
  Resources For Bears - the #1 bear site
Bear Networks - pics, links, great bear cards...
Bears of San Francisco - the other hair club for men....
M4M4SEX - not bear-specific, but another way to meet guys in SF
American Bear Magazine - Heck, I posed for the June/July 2002 issue
(see some pics from the photoshoot)

If you're done here and want to get to know me better, then let's head on back to my place.
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