Head on back to my place...
Getting on the cover
of a magazine...
last updated 07/09/2002

The subject line had one word: proposition. Well, I get a lot of, um, “propositions,” but I opened the email with some intrigue because the sender’s name, Tim Martin, sounded vaguely familiar.

“I saw your profile on Bear411. I was hoping you might consider posing for one of our publications.” Oh, that Tim Martin, editor of American Bear and Grizzly magazines.

It took me a whopping 3:55 minutes from the time that Tim had drafted the original email for me to answer affirmatively. After all, a girl really needs to take time thinking this through. My Stephen Sondheim mantra comes back as always: opportunity is not a lengthy visitor.

My next action was to go out and buy a copy of American Bear to check it out. Ok. Good. You don’t need a big dick to be in the magazine. Whew.

Lynn Ludwig was to do the photoshoot. I’d seen lots of his pics and knew that he does great work. Heck, seeing some great pics he’s done of certain guys I know, I consider him a miracle worker.

Lynn and I agreed to do the shoot on Valentine’s Day, the day before IBR 2002 started. Both of us were staying at the host hotel. Lynn called me that afternoon. Turns out that he was in the room across the hall from me. I took that as a good omen.

Having seen the shower pics on my fuzzygruf.com website, Lynn thought we might do some pics of me in the shower. My friend Todd collects rubber duckies, so I thought that might be a good prop to bring. The duck, that is. NOT Todd. I brought a rubber duck, and I also brought my then-new bf, Steve. Nice to have a fluffer on hand. Or on something else.

The photoshoot was fun. Lynn is great to work with. He made me feel very comfortable, and he can be very funny. As I turned to expose my derriere, he said. “Victor was right.” Apparently he had bumped into Victor, a mutual pal, in the hotel lobby. Victor mentioned my name, and apparently he made some comments about one of my features.

The next day, I went on the tour of Alcatraz. Lynn was on the tour as well, and he brought his camera. Figuring that Alcatraz would be a good place to get some additional photos, Lynn had me whip off my shirt and pose. That was fun. I can still hear other tourists whispering, “who the fuck does she think she is???” I didn’t care. I’m quite the attention-whore. Besides, it turned out to be one of the photos taken on Alcatraz that made the cover of the magazine. “No, park ranger, these photos are not for any professional publication.