Head on back to my place... My Hobbies last updated 05/19/2001

I like to play the piano. I had lessons when I was a kid for a couple of years, but that's been ages ago. I'm not that good, but I do enjoy playing. Piano duets are always fun. I'll play bottom if you play top! (Ok, I'll play top for the right song...)
I also do counted cross-stitch. I taught myself to do this in 1989. This was basically a means of self-preservation. I thought my HIV would soon leads to AIDS and then death, so I wanted something to "leave behind." I never did develop AIDS, but I did develop my cross-stitch skills. I don't stitch that often anymore, just mostly when I have lots of time on my hands, like when waiting for a plane, etc. There are pics of some of my projects on my cross-stitch page.
I guess you could consider building webpages a hobby. I like instant gratification as well as recognition. Building pages can be done quickly, which is good for instant gratification; however, there are LOTS of crappy personal websites out there, so I try to at least put a little thought into each of the pages first. It gives me a thrill when someone emails me to tell me that they liked my website, or a particular page. I'm always open to suggestions. Not that I'd heed them, of course! ;-)

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