Head on back to my place... Travel last updated 05/19/2001

I LOVE to travel, especially out of the country. Maybe I learned to love it when I was a small boy living in Seattle. A trip up to Victoria, B.C., was not that far away, but it was like a whole other world.

Or maybe it's from when I lived in Germany from 1984-1987 when I was in the Army. I loved living in Europe and seeing the various countries.

Or maybe it's from when I lived in Kansas City for 13 years. I'd do anything to get out of town!

By far, my favorite destination is London. I've been about 10 times. It's so easy to get around by Tube. Theatre is my passion, so London is definitely the city for that. There is so much to see and do there. I love it so much, that I named my dog "Heathrow." London is also the place where I got my
tattoo during my last trip in 1999.

Some of other favorite destinations are:

New York City
San Diego

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